We have a wide stock of scoreboards and signs designed to roofed buildings. Here is where we can highlight the involvement and effectiveness of our game analysis software and the excellent performance of our score consoles, to verify game’ statistics of the gamer. El Software esta diseñado en ambiente windows compatible con Win9x, Win2000, Win Milenium y Windows XP, es suministrado junto a los tableros electrónicos modelos B10LED, B12LED, B14LED y B18LED. It was created in order to analyze mathematically the behavior of the teams during the game, information like the most effective team in court, charging time for the local team and the visitor one, competitions of the teams in percentages and seconds while the teams have the ball, are some of the informations Luminosos CORREA’ new microcomputarized console can deliver to a computer. Furthermore, this analysis software supplies files for the local and visitor teams, sorted by columns enableing to check like a simple text or import from the software Microsoft Excel to make graphic and to do a particular analysis of game in a visual way.

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