Luminosos CORREA

We are a family company with headquarter in CHILE, in Temuco city at Region of Araucania. Since 1972 we have focused to manufacture several types of informative and advertising signs. Thanks to the technological advances and our permanent efforts in training, we can offer now products and services with actual quality, warranty and safety.

Our company is organized in three departments which constitutes our business units; Electronics, Road and Advertising Signs, and Metal structures, each one oth them is in charge of its own production process, marketing and Innovation and Development (I+D). Furthermore, there is one Department of General Affairs, in charge of the administrative, financial and logistic support, for each business unit.

The organizational structure operates under the direction of company’s president and General Manager, and executive Assistant Managers responsible for each one of the departments, all of them incorporated to Advice Directive responsible for the design and strategic management of the company. We have defined our mission to grant our customers for integral solutions to their needs for information spreading and advertising.

Therefore, Luminosos CORREA, Designs, Manufactures, Markets and Rents out a variety of informative and advertising signs, both static and variable message, bringing to our customers the latest technology presently available.

Our philosophy is based on business culture with honest service and the commitment to give our customers optimum ratio price, quality and service.

Certified Company


Zenteno 585, Temuco - Chile
+56 45 22 78600